How to make base bianca

This type of mixture is designed for those who works with the classic method and for those who work with large quantities. It is a mixture of sugars and fats that must be compensated with raw materials to make

various recipes. It's like a gelato base. It has a total PAC(Anti freezing point) of 168 and fat at 31g.

To complete the recipes, the base must be brought to 1000g with the addition of the characterizing fats and dextrose.


Milk : 490 G

Cream: 40 G

Sugar: 100 G

Skimmed Milk Powder: 40 G

Neutro: 5 G

= 675 G

Example Fiordilatte:

Base bianca: 675 G

Cream: 220 G

Dextrose: 95 G

Water: 10 G

Example pistacchio:

Base bianca: 675 G

Water: 107 G

Pistachio 100%: 100 G

Dextrose: 95 G

Salt: 3 G



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