How to make professional gelato? Method for making gelato

First: understand what gelato is made of.

Major components of gelato: air & water.

Other components: fat, sugars, milk solids, other solids(flavours)


Sugar helps to congeal the gelato

Errors :

Soft gelato = too much sugar

Hard gelato = not enough sugar


Anti-Freeze Point

Example: 1 grams of sugar is 1 PAC

1 grams of dextrose is 1,85 PAC.

Every sugar have a different anti freeze point and a different sweetness.


Creates volume.

Our Natural Gelato recipes has 30% air which produces a more substantial gelato.

Commercial ice cream has 50% air and therefore a more diluted taste.

To compensate for this loss of taste, chemical flavors must be added.

Frozen yoghurt has 70% air


Quality of the fat used in gelato is very important.

Fat must come from pure milk, cream, sheep ricotta, marscapone, cream cheese, (all other cheeses), nuts, chocolate, eggs.

If balanced correctly gelato should not leave a ‘fat’ taste in your mouth.

Our body temperature ranges between 36-37 degrees.

If the gelato is full of endrogenous fat (42% for example) your mouth cannot melt the fat because the temperature of fat in the gelato is higher than your body temperature. You’re left with an unpleasant fat taste in your mouth and the gelato becomes very heavy and difficult to digest.


SML = Milk Solid Not Fat

SML = lactose 50%, Milk Protein 50%

Sugar from animal product have an anti freeze power but has no sweetness point.

Milk Protein serves to help the gelato to incorporate air into it and is also used as a stabilizer.


Are used to hold the water and fat together.

Natural vs Chemical Stabilizer.

E466 CMC – chemical used in Europe not allowed to be used in Australia.

We use natural stabilizers.


Taragum & Guargum – both come from plants.

Dried and made into a powder.


Step 1

Mix dry ingredients in 1 jug.

Remember to turn scales back to ‘0’ between each ingredient.

Cross out each ingredient as you go so you don’t forget what you’re up to.

Step 2

Mix liquid ingredients in a separate jug.

Start with heaviest ingredients first.

Step 3

Mix dry ingredients into liquid ingredients

Step 4

Blend on high before you put into pasturizer for about 20-30 seconds.

Step 4

Pour into pasturizer.

If pasturizing on the stove do not bring to the boil. Cook until mixture reaches 65 degrees or once you see the vapor start to rise.

Step 5

Transfer (automatically) into the batch freezer.

Step 6

Gelato must reach -9 degrees before extraction.

At this point you can add premix texture (eg sticky rice etc)

Try our free recipe and taste the difference.

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