Ingredients for ice cream making

Updated: May 2, 2019

Ingredients for ice cream making

What are the best ingredients for making a good #gelato?

In a world where industry reigns, it is increasingly difficult to find a good homemade Gelato.

We at Gelato Recipes have worked as consultants both with industries and with artisans and we know well that industries try to exploit the non-knowledge of food chemistry of ice cream makers, trying to sell bases that contain well-balanced ingredients : sold at very high prices.

The ice cream parlors that are using industrial bases spend more than they should and they get a product that is standardized to others.

Do you know what ingredients you put into your Gelato?

In industrial bases there are : hydrogenated fats, chemical aromas and dyes.

We don't use these products.

We only use these ingredients in our recipes :

Sugars / Integral Sugars (Panela, Dextrose,Coconut, Agave etc.)


Almond Milk


Water(of course 😁)

Natural stabilizers

And other natural ingredients..What do you think? Let's talk about it!

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