Sugar Free Gelato

In some gelato shops we can find the label: sugar-less gelato suitable for diabetic people’. We have to be extremely careful about it.

In some cases, this kind of gelato does not contain sucrose in its formulation, but it does contain fructose or any other similar sugar, which is metabolized without insuline ‘waste’ by the organism, but which is also a sugar with all of its defects.

In other cases, sweetness is replaced with artificial sweeteners.

If we don't want to use sugar added we can use dry dates.


Dates and chocolate

100% Chocolate: 240 G

Dry Dates: 300 G

Water: 460 G

If we want to use low glycemic index sugars instead we can use Agave syrup or fructose..for example.

Berries sorbet

Fructose: 120 G

Berries: 498 G

Lemon juice: 50 G

Water: 324 G

Stabilizer: 4 G

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